Retreat with me?

It's Time To Retreat With A Circle Of Dedicated Women

Together, you will learn how to implement sophisticated sales funnels into your business,
scale your business and create passive income.

Imagine this: the New Year has just begun. You can hear the sounds of sand cranes calling to each other and the rustling of palm trees just outside your window. You’ve just arrived at the picturesque Champion’s Gate Resort Community in Orlando, Florida. The sweeping vista of palm trees, hot air balloons, and lush landscape beckons. 

No distractions. No outside commitments. No one to be responsible to but yourself. Just pristine landscape, a group of inspiring business owners, a retreat leader and the time and space to reflect, strategize and activate your business.

I’m guiding 6 women entrepreneurs through an intimate training intensive to awaken that big vision you have for your business, turn intentions into goals, and build strategic sales funnels that lead your dreamiest clients right to your front door. I’d love for you to be one of them.

Getting in touch with your vision is useless if we don’t put it into action.

Trust me, beautiful, I’m all about the action. Together, we’ll explore where you can bring more of your best self to your business so that moving in the New Year, you’ll have re-calibrated your business vision to be more in alignment with your most sacred dreams and intentions.

We’ll be spending delicious pockets of time mapping out how you want to feel in your business, where you want your business to go, and how you’re going to get there. We’ll be tapping into your inner mentor and empowering her to have the confidence to step up and choose when to stay the course and when to change it up. So we’re ready for anything.

Let’s be honest…it takes a ton of mental energy to ensure your own business is in tip-top, revenue-generating, and dream-client-attracting shape.

You’ve been in business for a while, so you already know how hard it is to work ON your business while you’re also working IN it.

I’m committed to help you develop a marketing plan that funnels only the dreamiest clients into your business. We’ll say goodbye to the things that are no longer serving you and hello to inspiration.


You can expect to walk away from this retreat with:

  • a clear picture of all the ways your clients & customers find you (and a few new ones you’ll definitely want to test out)
  • a new fully flushed out sales funnel ready to implement the moment you return home
  • your own solid online strategy (with a brand new way to invite new clients/customers to your community)
  • the kind of self care you can practice to ensure that you don’t burn out
  • the support you’ll need to make it all happen
  • oodles of time for masterminding and soul searching

This retreat is about going beyond the metrics + money.

It’s about spending time with other women who understand the unique demands and dreams we all have and how the power of a supportive sisterhood of like-minded women can shift the way you see your business and propel you into the kind of future you’re longing for.

I get it. And so do you. It’s time to step away from indecision and stop spending your days researching. You’re SO ready to move into strategic action + get it right.

Join me for the perfect balance of learning + time to apply + optional social time.

It’s going to be 3 nights and 3 days of structured & creative workshopping at my own personal home near Orlando that will include:

  1. Experiential Training: Facilitated group learning opportunities that will give you plenty of opportunity to gain new insights and tools you can implement right away. Lots of time will be built in for conversation and Q&A.
  2. Mastermind Circles: There is a lot of wisdom that gets activated when women gather. We’ll have time to tap into this collective wisdom and champion, support, and inspire each other each day with facilitated & dedicated Mastermind time.
  3. Ample Personal Time: Freedom to do what YOU want with delicious pockets of time to write, reflect, research, implement the morning's learnings, co-work, read a book, nap, or stare into the blue skies or at the luscious green palm trees swaying in the light breeze.
  4. An ROI that goes far beyond our 3 days together: I’m committed to helping you shape your business into what you truly want. This retreat is designed to get you into focused action– providing just the right blend of support, education, cheerleading and solo-time. Plus priceless opportunities to learn and laugh with other like-minded entrepreneurs!

You will leave with ready to implement tools, scripts, processes, and plans that support you and your business.


I’m KRISTA SMITH — a web designer + brand strategist + business coach.

I work with female-led brands to create clarity in their online strategy so that their businesses actually work for them.

Building on my early career in education as a teacher, I co-run an online support school for web designers where I get to teach our eager students how to code.

I am a trained coach through CTI (The Coaches Training Institute). Previously, I’ve been the business coach for the Prosperity Program in Bedford, NS where I helped progressive, growth orientated business owners who were interested in continuing to grow their exceptional businesses by providing monthly workshops that supported each of them as they nurtured, built, and grew their businesses.

I also host local workshops for entrepreneurs focussing on how to connect to your dream client while building your lifestyle brand.

I’m on fire when I can talk tech, teach what I know, coach you out of a log jam, and activate your own awesome.

The Activate Her Awesome Business Vision & Planning Retreat can only accommodate 6 participants, so please book early to save your spot!


Jane headshot 2If you want to bring out your personal best, Krista can do it. Her killer combo of teaching background, tech expertise, and trained coach can make maximum impact in your group session with her. I’ve worked with some fantastic coaches over the years, but if you want the “cherry on the top”, work with Krista. Her leadership and and coaching are my secret weapon.

-- Jane Thibault, Regional Vice-President, Arbonne


headshot square

Krista's energy is contagious. She is great at motivating, exciting and instigating - which is obvious from the moment you meet her. What's not obvious, and as important, is her ability to dive deep with a whole group. She has a way of making you feel completely listened to, understood and cared for without anyone else feeling like they're left out or stealing the show. It's all about 'you' but all about everybody at the same time. The best of personal coaching plus group faciliation: I love that!

-- Kate Bonnycastle, Copywriter

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early bird rate until November 25, 2018 $1400

(price goes up to $1650 at midnight on November 25)


  • A prep package to use as an opportunity for you to begin your planning process; so that you can have a clear snapshot of where you are and where you want to take your business over the course of our time together
  • Your full retreat programming, personalized to meet the needs of our group
  • Facilitated mastermind sessions
  • 1:1 coaching opportunities during the retreat
  • Inspired brainstorming and accountability
  • Free time to read, relax, and replenish your vitamin D stores with fresh Florida sunshine
  • Arrival appetizers during our first evening together (and a cocktail to celebrate!)
  • Nutritious and healthy lunches on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Hot beverages during our morning and afternoon sessions
  • A 1 hour post retreat 1:1 Zoom coaching call with me to be held within 4 weeks of the retreat

If you are purchasing a spot at the retreat, please know that your investment is “non-refundable and transferable.”

Registration is non-refundable. However, if life decides to throw you an unexpected curve ball, you can transfer or sell your spot to another woman entrepreneur who would be a great fit for this retreat–just let me know if you do this because I am customizing the retreat to meet the needs of the participants.

This is firm. I invest in you — just like you invest in yourself, by investing in this retreat. I begin planning with you in mind as soon as I see your registration. And that’s why, with exception of hurricanes, avalanches and unforeseeable grief-stricken situations, I do not offer refunds for cancellations —which, to my delight, are fairly infrequent.

What this means for you: please come. Don’t let your inner critic talk you out of it. Be brave & show up. You’ll be so grateful you did.


Got questions? See if I've already covered it in the FAQ's.

Say YES! Join me in kicking off 2019 in style.